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Welcome to FTAdviser Advantage

11:22 a.m./21 June 2016
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Helping advisers stay on top of a changing economic world

We live in interesting times. Nobody can predict exactly what might happen next in the financial world.

Indeed, the volatility shown so far this year in particular demonstrates just how difficult it is for the average investor to make sense of the way markets act and react. Even the world’s central banks seem to be finding it hard to retrace their steps to more familiar territory.

As a result, taking any one sizeable macro bet in a portfolio could be dangerous. Meanwhile, newspaper headlines are driving share price moves like never before, with investors reacting sharply to every piece of news (whether good or bad). As a result, taking any one sizeable bet in a portfolio could be dangerous.

But how can the average investor stay on top of market movements and company decisions? The truth is very few of them can, which is why they trust financial advisers to cut through the noise, help guide them through the turbulent times and shore up their portfolios for the long term.

Giving you the advantage

Adviser Advantage has been created by FTAdviser, in partnership with BlackRock, to help you sift the wheat from the chaff. There are few organisations better placed than BlackRock or the FT to give you access to the companies behind the headlines or the deep dive analysis into what the markets might be doing and why.

Armed with the facts, expert opinion, videos and materials you need, when you need them, our aim is to help you provide your clients with the best possible advice.

There are several ways that you can make Adviser Advantage work for you:

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